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Ireland pictures never get old

It’s been well over a month, but pictures from Bike Ireland friends still float by now and then. And with every one, it makes me wish I could go back immediately.

This one was sent by Jan in Nebraska. Seeing this, I want to go back, and take my Orrie with me. Something tells me he’d love it over …

One Last Ireland Entry

So, a few people questioned if I was actually in Ireland due to the lack of my own face in my pictures–of which there was one that I posted, so they must’ve missed that one.  Go back and look if you missed it.

Perhaps they don’t know my policy of preferring to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. But thanks to my good friends Wendell & Diane on the trip, I do have proof I was actually there.

Bike Ireland photos

These are about a third of the total pictures I took over there… a lot of the other ones were a lot more of the same in most cases, or blurry out-of-focus shots from my cheap Sony Cybershot. Gotta get me one of those badass cameras like Wendell had on the trip. Can’t wait to see the pictures he took.

Also …

One Night in Doolin

Been asked a lot where my Bike Ireland photos are, and I’m working on getting those together.  Until I can get them posted, here’s a story to tide you all over.

Here I sit on my last night of vacation, looking through hundreds of photos that I took on my week long bicycle trip through western Ireland and remembering what a great week it was to experience.  So much to see, new people to meet, and one amazing night in Doolin.