Enjoy every sandwich

In the waning moments of a long Monday at work, I fell into a wormhole of David Letterman video clips.  It started with Dave showing a highlight retrospective of Biff Henderson clips.  Then a brief segment of Seinfeld turning the interview tables on Dave and asking what he thinks he’s doing by quitting.   I could probably write for days about Letterman memories, and maybe over the next few weeks I’ll write some more.  But this entry is about one Letterman memory in particular.

After the aforementioned clips, I stumbled upon the above video, featuring Jason Isbell and his wife Amanda Shires (neither of whom had names that rang a bell before watching this).  The song they played is a cover of Warren Zevon’s “Mutineer.”

It immediately made me think of the relationship Dave and Zevon had over the years.  Warren was the musical guest on the show several times, and he would often fill in for Paul Shaffer as guest band leader when Paul would be off filming or on holiday.  And I’ll never forget the episode Dave had Warren on as the sole guest for the entire episode on October 30, 2002 where they discussed his illness with cancer.  Warren played “Mutineer” (amongst others) that night.

I appreciate Warren Zevon more now than I did when he was alive.  Which is a shame.

I’ve always appreciated David Letterman, and will probably appreciate him more when he’s not on at 10:35 every weeknight anymore as well as the late night talk show format continues to devolve into bite-sized bits that are easily digestible on social media instead of a cohesive hour of broadcast programming.

Enjoy every sandwich, everyone.  Don’t wait until the sandwich is gone to miss it.

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