Maui Vacation 2015

Neither Jen nor I had made the trip to Hawaii before, so this was one on our list of vacation destinations we were both looking forward to.  We flew from Chicago to LA for a couple nights to break up the long flight, we then spent a week on the island of Maui.  One thing on both of our must-see places was Pearl Harbor, so we also did a day trip to Oahu for that.

Check out some pictures if you’d like.

Within the first few hours after arriving at our condo just north of Lahaina, Jen was looking into how we can get in on a condo or time share.  It made an immediate impression on us, and how couldn’t it — sitting there on the condo balcony watching whales swim by in the ocean in front of us.  We will be going back there some day.

I can’t remember the guys exact words, but at one point during the whale watching boat tour, the guide said that Hawaii was as far away from any other civilization on the planet.  Not sure if that’s 100% factual or not, but when you look on a map and see the little dots of islands in the middle of the gigantic Pacific Ocean, it seems like it could be the case.  That was one of the appeals to the trip.

Sure, Hawaii has all your modern conveniences in Wal Marts and WiFi and Whatnot, but it still definitely felt like you were somewhere else.  It’s not every day in the midwest you see sea turtles and whales, or drive the winding roads through the rainforest next to the ocean on the Road to Hana.

It was a fun trip (despite fighting a sinus infection the whole time).  Looking forward to going back some day.

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