United Kingdom 2013

Jen’s mom Lois wanted to take a vacation. First it was Ireland. We’d all been to Ireland a few times, and not that I wouldn’t go back in a heartbeat, Lois ultimately decided she wanted to go to Scotland. Ok. Let’s go to Scotland.

When planning the trip, we figured we’d fly into London, rent a car, take a week and a half or so and drive up to Scotland and see as much as we could along the way. Lois and Jen being big Downton Abbey fans, Highclere Castle was on the list. Lois also threw out Bath, England. When I asked her about Scotland and what she wanted to see up there, all she really mentioned at the time was “I want to see the Loch Ness Monster.”

So we drew a loop, starting in London, heading to Bath, England, stopping in Manchester to break up the drive to Scotland a bit, staying in Glasgow a couple nights, up into the highlands and stay in Inverness a couple nights and try and find the Monster up there, then start to head back south. Couple nights in Edinburgh, a night in York, England, then back to London for a couple nights. Turned out to be 1500 miles in 12 days.

Probably also turned out to be a little too much driving. Could have used a few more days of no car, just relaxing. And toward the end of the trip all three of us ended up getting a bit of a sniffle / head cold bug which didn’t help any.

But for the most of it, we made the most of it. Want to see what we saw? Click here for photos.

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