Bahamas 2011

Summer of 2011 Jen and I decided to take a vacation down to South Beach and a cruise to the Bahamas. Neither one of us had been on any type of cruise before, so that was something we thought would be good to try.

We flew down (FYI: screw Spirit Airlines) and spent the first couple nights in South Beach. I was chased by a giant fish while wading in the ocean (honest, it was huge. don’t listen to what Jen says about it).

After surviving the heat and humidity of South Florida, we made it to the boat. We sailed on Norwegian out of Miami toward the Bahamas. First day was on Grand Bahama Island, docking in Freeport, second day was on Great Stirrup Cay (Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island), and the third day docking in Nassau on the island of New Providence.

It was my duty to choose our excursions for each day, which may have been a bad idea. First, I picked a 12 mile bike ride on Grand Bahama Island the first day. I figured it would be cool to ride a bike along the coastline next to the ocean. Unfortunately we barely got to the ocean at all, as most of the 12 miles was inland, on roads, in traffic, in ridiculous heat and humidity. We had an entertaining tour guide with the group (Mario), but really, it wasn’t much fun at all.

The second day’s excursion on Great Stirrup Cay was more fun, as Jen and I shared a kayak and paddled along the coast. Saw some starfish, conch shells, a sea turtle, but no dolphins or sharks unfortunately. The kayaking was a good workout, better to be in the water than on land stuck on a bicycle. And I’m sure some day soon Great Stirrup Cay will be a fascinating place, when Norwegian is done renovating it.

Third day I was really looking forward to parasailing near Nassau. The first two excursion days we were up bright and early and off the boat at 8am. This day, we decided to sleep in and take our excursion at 10:30. When we had breakfast, it was a bright sunny day. As we left the boat, the clouds started to gather. We got to the boat that was going to take us out to the parasailing boats, and halfway out into the water we say the front come rolling through, and they decided to take us back. If we would have gone out at 8, we would have gotten the parasail in. But I guess it wasn’t in the cards for us as we were caught in a heavy downpour and our trip was washed out. Bummer!

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  • mom July 24, 2011 - Reply

    Enjoyed the cruise pictures. Can’t wait for our trip!

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